Thursday, January 5, 2017

VOICE Meets with CARD Steering Committee

December 21, 2016.  
CARD and VOICE held a joint leadership meeting today to discuss common interests in the future trajectory of Arlington County.  Both organizations have advocated in favor of committed affordable housing in Arlington.  CARD sent letters in June and September 2016, asking the County Board to preserve affordable housing in the Westover community.  

"We really hope the County Board and staff will actively seek opportunities for committed, affordable housing throughout Arlington, rather than concentrated in only one area," said Joye Murphy of CARD Steering.  "Doing so opens the door for children of low-income families to attend some of our highest-perforning schools. Diversity, housing, and equal opportunity are intrinsically linked." 

Both CARD and VOICE have organized grassroots campaigns on affordable housing policy in Arlington. 

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